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4 best RPG Android games that you can play for free

Are you searching for the 4 best RPG Android games that you can play for free? This post will help you find all the latest info and guide about them.

Android games overview:

Today, the age of video gaming in android is increasing every single day. There are many types of genres which most users like to play on their Android devices, but none of them is most followed or in demand then single player RPG’s also known as (role-playing games). There is a reason why these types of Android games are played mostly not because they are longer than any other but the in-depth story they tell with great cinematic features.

This is something which we only see in a console or in a PC. But now you can play those awesome RPG games right in your fingertips. When you are looking in the genre of this caliber there are hundreds of great RPG games but there is only a few which you can download for free and play as much as you want. It is very hard to find RPG title for Android.

That is why we have listed some real facts about 4 best RPG Android games that you can play for free to help you understand why they people likely to play them on their handheld Smart phones.

1) Final Fantasy:

When you are talking about the best RPG games list, how we can possibly forget about the game that is best of them all. It the second highest RPG selling title behind Pokémon. It has been seen that people usually love to play them, the company is making several single exclusive titles of it on androids, some great classic games are also been made for it. It is totally free and you can download any part of it and play freely.

2) Order and chaos:

If you like some long adventure RPG style game that will hook you up for hours then order and chaos is definitely the most recommended title. A single campaign experience will give you something to play. It also works online. You and your friends can select random characters and make your way through to the whole island with awesome graphics.

3) Raven sword: Shadow-land:

This game is by far the most beautiful and gorgeous game in this list. You can play it with first or third person perspective, long story and many great quests to go on. This is the first RPG to be made in 3D that is very innovative and interesting to see on any android. You have to play the new version of it.

4) I am a hero:

This android game has it all which you seek in an android game, Great selection of weapons, different game modes and amazing graphics. This action adventure RPG is only for mature gamers who like to play dangerous and puzzle solving games.

Conclusion: These are some real facts about best RPG Android games that you can play for free. After all, it is all about making the full use of androids with the best game to play.

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