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4 best Pokémon games for androids you can play for free

want to know about 4 best Pokémon games for androids you can play for free? This post will help you get the latest info and answers to your queries.

Pokémon games for androids overview:

Where there was a time when Pokémon games were only playable in the Nintendo DS or on a console. But now, its popularity and being the best RPG title in the world. Many users have demanded this title to come on Pokémon games for androids as well. For those people who don’t know that it is the fastest and number android game in the world. Where ever you go users are playing it with their friends and families together. This game has given so much a complete RPG and action adventure game which no android user will resist playing.

This is why we have listed some real facts about which Pokémon games for android are best to play to help you understand why these titles are very high in demand and how you can play them on your androids devices.

•    Why Pokémon games for androids are very different from other games?

We all know that Pokémon series has been around for many years now, this game is best known for introducing some great characters and story which that we always love to see and now we get to play them on our IOS and Android handheld devices.

•    Some best Pokémon games for androids that are very famous to play?

1) Pokémon Go:

The latest entry in the series is Pokémon Go, where you get to explore the real world of it, and plays so many great and legendary Pokémon from the series that you will experience never before. It is specifically made for Android which you can download free and start to become the master in so many ways.

2) Pokémon Yellow:

It is a Pikachu version which starts from the third person perspective, where you get to play Pikachu and mastering its abilities. It is also played with other friends to join you in the battles. Play as much you want and see how different it will make it from android version and Nintendo version.

3) Pokémon sapphire:

This is the game which has so many great roster and many incredible modes to play. Usually, this game was the first to release which gets so many praises from the players and they demanded the sequel. You can choose swimming, grounding, air and many more battles. This title also features online, to see how you have mastered your Pokémon’s moves.

4) Pokémon fire red:

It is the fire version which you get to control all the characters who has a fire. It is easily the most played game from the entire android series. It is turn based a combat mode that allows players to have best Pokémon game experience with unique graphics right in your hands.

Final verdict:

These are some real facts about which Pokémon games for androids are best to play. After all, it is all about having the best RPG experience which you can play downloading all of them for free. If you are a Pokémon fan then you will certainly like them to play.

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