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Monster Hunter World – Enjoy massive action role playing game on PC for free

Are you in search of video game that offers you so much in terms of story and great battle system? It is time you should try Monster Hunter World a massive role playing game download on PC for free.

Monster Hunter World overview:

Many games have left the mark in the history of RPG genre but not as big as Monster Hunter World. It is because this game is the 3rd installment of the popular franchise which players liked and played for so long time. The game is created on much larger scale and set in the environment that no one has ever seen before. Players who are familiar with the series will appreciate this one and enjoy all the things it brings with it.

You will be amazed to see the vast and gorgeous world of this game that is based on realistic atmosphere and structures. For a short time the genre of role playing games were not so famous because many players would take long time to get used to the controls and does not know where to begin the quest or main one.

But in this one the story is quite the different. There are no more boundaries and everything works according to player’s mind. Choose any weapon, army, join the ranks and combat is emphasized for player and other team members.

  • What sort of weapons Monster Hunter World offers this time?

The weapon system in this new addition has been changed and introduces new ways to kill demon foes, horrifying dragons using magic, axes, swords, and so much more, one thing is for sure this gamewill take on an unforgettable quest that will exceed beyond your expectations.

  • How the combat works in Monster Hunter World game?

For many of you who new to the series let me rephrase it in right order, to give quick sneak peak about the combat. There is a difference between console releases and PC. This addition of game is specifically aid to support PC and combat is fluid and more responsive. Players can play this one with 1080p 60 FPS on their systems and experience breathtaking events in the game.

  • Monster Hunter World mind blowing features for PC:

Before you attempt to play the game, you first need to see these amazing features to get better idea of how to utilize them during your play through such as,

1) Set in a bigger world on larger scale

2) Changes in combat styles

3) Available to play offline and online with friends

4) Great story to enjoy

5) Stunning graphics and awesome visuals

Monster Hunter World game system requirements for PC:

If you are using low class PC or laptop then you might need to change the system requirements to fully enjoy this epic fantasy tale including,

Works good only with windows 7, 8, 8.1 (64 bit)

Hard Disk: 27 GB

File Size: 22 GB

CPU: Intel Quad Core with 2.5 GHz processor


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