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Kingdom come deliverance – Brand new open world RPG available to play on PC

Do you want to know the complete review about kingdom come deliverance – brand new open world RPG available to play on PC? This post will certainly help you find all the relevant information and answers to your queries.

Kingdom come deliverance overview:

Prepare yourself people, there is a storm coming in your way and you need to make a lot of space in your PC system to play this one. The long awaited game has been released called kingdom come deliverance that is considered quite epic role playing game till date. You have to save the holy village of Roman Empire as you take on the role of a blacksmith son who needs to gather its army to fight the brutality that struck upon your family.

A player who has not played this type of game would definitely cheer this one, once you get your hands on this epic tale of conquest and vengeance tale. Play as Henry and together you need to cross desert lands, jungles, mountains, tombs just to stop this civil war that has taken many people’s lives.

  • What type of story Kingdom come deliverance offers?

If you happen to play games pcgames, then this one is a must have. The story is unlike you having ever seen. It is not like the typical RPG settings where you need to go place to place and clear quests. But this time it offers more personal story to avenge your parents who has been slaughtered in brutal attack by the invaders.

  • What makes Kingdom come deliverance different from other RPGs?

The game has huge open world with so much to do, players will find their hands tight to clear each quest. The main thing that makes it different is the setting and things you can do. It is not entire RPG but with action adventure feel is intact. Where normal games would have 15 to 30 hours story mode this offers direct 70+ hours to complete which is awesome.

  • How are the game mechanics works in Kingdom come deliverance?

The game is not very simple too understand. Those players who haven’t tried yet have to struggle a little bit. But they are smooth and responsive upon using. You have to cut enemies, hunt animals, craft weapons, items, magic and so much that you should want to invest great amount of time in this one.

  • Kingdom come deliverance features of PC:

The features are lot of different then consoles but they are more refined version of it such as,

1) Massive and realistic open world

2) Solve non linear side quests to unlock main story mission

3) Choose dozens of unique weapons and execute great combos

4) Dynamic world setting with 1080p resolution settings

  • Kingdom come deliverance system requirements for PC:

You can play this amazing game on your PC by meeting with these system requirements including,

Works great with windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 (64 bit)

Hard Disk: 45 GB

File Size: 38 GB

CPU: Intel Core i5 with 3.3 GHz processor


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